Chat with girls without signing up for anything

17-Dec-2017 14:35

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"Tell you what, assholes, put your money and your bikes where your mouth is. Let's see how big your balls are." We squabbled back and forth for about twenty minutes, with the girls trying to talk us out of it, before they all agreed. As I said before, that was the longest lake pier I had ever see. The founder of the company built it that way because he liked to have a fishing tournament for the kids at the picnic, and if he could keep them on the pier under supervision they were less likely to drown or get hurt.

Of course there were jeers and yells of 'bull shit', so my mescal driven mouth made them a put up or shut up bet. "All right chickenshits, if everyone of you puts up a twenty I'll prove you wrong. I'm afraid you'll get hurt." I laughed, slapped her ass, and told her not to worry, when I had their money I would take her on a shopping spree.

There he had a pool type ladder going into the lake in case someone came in by boat. Most of the girls were still trying to talk us out it when I fired my little twin up and rode it onto the edge of the pier.

Granted, even with the paper bag you could still see my eyes and my mouth.… continue reading »

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Come and unwind in my luxury apartment, bathroom shower facilities available.… continue reading »

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